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GP Thunder H11 3500K Golden Yellow HID Kit

Price: $164.99

Brand New in Retail Box!!

H11 GP Thunder 3500k 35W

High Intensity Discharge Lighting System

Xenon Gold 3500k HID Conversion Kits

Super Golden Yellow

Everything is Included to Complete the Installation

1 Year Warranty!

Our GP Thunder 3500k HID kits are much brighter, and prettier than any other HID bulbs you"ve ever seen. This is the best HID Kits you can own!!

ISO 9001, 2000, CE 13 Certified

H1, H3, H11, 9005, are available, and please let us know which model you need with your payment.

Resellers are Welcome!!

Email us if you need more information

3500k Golden Yellow


H.I.D Conversion Kit can generally be installed into the car that uses conventional halogen bulb headlight and has several advantages over halogen bulbs: 

More light output. A 35W HID light source produced up to 3 x the lumens at the light source when compared to a 55W halogen bulbs.

Golden Yellow light. The color temperature of HID lighting more closely approximates the color temperature of natural daylight than does a halogen bulbs, which appears yellowish. 

Greater visibility. The combination of more light output and gold color make for better visibility in most night time driving conditions.

Longer Life. GP Thunder HID lamps will last, on the average over 5 times as long as halogen bulb.

Easy Conversion. HID Conversion Kit is simple and easy to substitute for standard halogen bulbs.

Tests. Passed all of relevant environmental tests including CE, e4, DOT(pending). Radiated and conducted emission meet CISPR D/Class3, and Satisfy SAE and ECE

Mechanical Testing: Passed Thermal and Humidity Cycling, Vibration, Shock, Water Jet, and Dust testing.

Design: HID conversion kit, GP Thunder is design for retrofitting HID headlamp system for the halogen housing


What is Xenon Light?

The xenon bulb is a micro-discharge bulb filled with a mixture of noble gases including xenon. The bulb has no filament , as is the case with a halogen bulb, but the light arc is created between two electrodes.

What was Xenon Light developed?

No less that 60% of all traffic accidents take place in poorly lit conditions, Therefore, lighting greatly contributes to road safety an comfort. It is a fact that the elderly required more light than the young (a person aged 60 requires up to ten times more light than a twenty year-old)

What are the advantages of Xenon Light?

The xenon bulb provides more than twice the amount of light of a halogen bulbs, while only consuming half the power (wattage). There fore, the driver can see more clearly, and the car has more power for other functions. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, as less power means less fuel consumption.

The clear Golden Yellow light produced by the xenon bulb is similar to daylight. Research has shown that this enables drivers to concentrate better. Furthermore, this particular light color reflects the road markings an signs better that conventional lighting.

In practical terms, the life span of the bulb is equal to that of the car, which means that bulbs need only be replaced in exceptional cases.


*1 Our Intelligent Ignition Strategy

Breakdown or empty socket: only 1 time ignition to protect operator and vehicle

Aged lamp: 3 times ignition

*2 Lots of ignitions may cause the lamp life shortened

*3 Much aged lamp with more than 110V lamp voltage may not be lit because of constant power control

*4 Though much aged lamp may be lit, the ballast may get into overheat and permanent damage because of constant current control

*5 The ballast may not be protected from the water

*6 We have tested its ballast"s compatibility with OEM lamps (Philips, Osram, GE, Matsushita) from 2001 and 6 Korean, Japanese lamps from Jan 2003.

*7 High Voltage cable with shield is used

Hella does not use shield cable since noise filter is included in the D2 lamp socket. But D2 lamp socket may be removed in the aftermarket. As a result of removing the noise filter in the D2 socket, some abnormal symptoms may be appeared in the vehicle.

EMI test result are available



No cutting and re-wiring required for entire installation.

35W. Xenon Gas Filled HID bulbs. No Filament

3500k color temperature. More light output

Highest quality

Longer life

Produce Super-Golden Yellow light and more intensity of lighting. Please see the pictures how brilliant it is.

Easy to installation (20~40 minutes for a beginner)

CE Approved

One HID Kit contains everything you need (no need to buy anything else):

HID 35W bulb. 2 bulbs. See Above

Ballast with connected ignitor 2 pcs.

Cable Tie 6 pcs.

Adhesive Tape. 4 pcs.

Screws 6 pcs.

2 Spare Fuse (20A).

1 manual 

Warranty: 1 year warranty

GP Thunder H11 3500K Golden Yellow HID Kit

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