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H3 3 Cree CHIPS w Reflector 9Watts GP-H3-CREE-9W

Price: $29.99

Brand New
GP Thunder
3 Cree Chips with Chrome reflector for better light output
1 cree Chip Top layer
and 2 cree Chrome reflector inside layer
One Pair 3 chips Cree LED for better brightness performance (2 bulbs)
DC 14V
Color: Super Bright White
Wide View Angle/ Piranha Type
For Replacement of Your Turn Signal Light, Corner Light, Stop Light, Parking Light, Side Marker Light, Tail Light, and Backup Lights, ETC..
Tripple the Light Output!!!

This is for one pair of H3 Cree (2 bulbs)

Part#: GP-H3-CREE-9W
Total height 4 mm, base to the tip 30mm

Specification: Socket type: H3
Color: Hype White
Easy to install: Plug & Play
One 9 Watts 1 Crees LEDs up layer, 2 Cree LEDs down layers.
Total One Cree LEDs +2 Cree LEDs Lights with Wide View Angle for better reflection.

Double your current light output
*Cree + Chrome=Surface Mount Devices/Surface Mount Technologies

Package Contents:
One Pair H3 Super Bright Chrome Cree White Color

H3 3 Cree CHIPS w Reflector 9Watts GP-H3-CREE-9W

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