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H8 Ver. 8 120W Angel Eye H8-CR-120W-VIII

Price: $129.99

Brand New 120 Watts Dual Cree
GP-Xtreme H8 V8 Cree
12 4MM CREE Light Up Angel Eye Halo Ring BMW H8 CREE 120 WATTS
Full Power Brightness for head Lights Angel Eyes
120 WATTS each side, total 240 Watts for both side Angel Eyes!!!

Part # H8-CREE-120W-VIII

This auction is for one pair of OEM WHITE BMW Cree LED bulbs

Product Compatibility:
� 1-series and 1M � E82 | (2008-Current)
� 3-series Coupes � E92 | (2006-2010)
� 3-series Convertibles � E93 | (2006-2010)
� 3-series Sedan LCI (with Xenon) � E90 | (2009-2012)
� M3 coupes /convertible / sedans � E90, E92, E93 | ( 2006-Current)
� 5-series Sedan LCI | (2008-2010) ***
� X1 (with Xenon) � E84 | (2010-Current)
� X5 ( with Xenon) pre-LCI � E70 | (2007-2011)
� X6 � E71 | (2008-Current)
� X5M / X6M � E70 / E71 | (2008-Current)
� Z4 � E89 | (2009-Current)

BMW Pre-LCI Headlight Install on 2007 E92 E93 335i and all years of M3

(in stock and ships daily)
Color: 6000K Hyper White

Will Retain OEM Angel Eye Function, Fade in and Fade Out Exactly like Stock bulb,
No Flicker, Treat Your BMW Angel Eyes Right the First Time!
No Error Code, No Adaptive Error Code Ligh, and almost no Radio Interference.
Outer Rings will be a little dimmer on the X6 and the X5 is brighter Both Ring almost same Brightness


Installation guide for E92 Pre lci, E93 Pre lci, and all M3�s
1) Pre-Install the LED, and test it, if it is not on, please check the connections, the anode and cathode can be reversed and still works perfectly fine.
2) Connect all four pieces and then lower the power supply towards the bottom of the headlight housing
3) Make sure the top of the LED is facing up with the power supply also on the bottom of the headlight housing, both the LED and power supply must be at the very bottom as the heat sink is quite large and needs a lot of space.
3) Tug the top of the LED at an angle until it goes into the H8 socket and twist.
4) Enjoy your Xtreme Bright Angel Eyes, Warranty the outside ring would led up too.
PS. A Special tool ( String / Dental Floss) would help your installation.

Product Features:
� Total 120W High Power Cree LED
� Full Brightness with No Dimming
� Brightest of all LED angel eyes
� Plug and play easy installation, no cutting or splicing, no need to take off headlamp
� No bulb-out warning message
� Metal body for fast heat releasing
� Fully Compatible with BMW

H8 Ver. 8 120W Angel Eye H8-CR-120W-VIII

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